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D9W the companion to study in Germany A1 to C1, everyday language to specialist language.
Regardless of the time, before or during your studies, you can learn the language you need for your studies, jobs, your study visit in Germany and your subject. We accompany you from the greeting in German to participation in the specialist workshop. Get ready for all situations!!

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You can learn German with us.

Are you a student, Job seeker or just want to improve your German? In the online or offline German Course from D9W you will train your German skills, get to know the country and its people. Learn a lot about studying in Germany and acquire technical language and specialist knowledge.

You will learn everything you need for your stay in Germany – 100% online or offline.

D9W for educational Institutions and Companies.

D9W is also suitable for use educational institutions and companies. Learning platform makes it possible to integrate course modules into your own language lessons. You can use D9W either as a supplement to your German courses or as an independent, flexible lesson – with our teachers.

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