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Our Courses are primarily for college and school students aged from 15 and over who wants to study and work in Germany.
In order to make good progress, you should study the course approximately 8 hours a week. An offline/online course requires good self-organization. you work on many of the tasks on the learning platform independently.

To book a course, you have to register. After registering, you can book the available slots and pay for the course

No. you can book a course at any time on the website.

You can organize the time when you want to learn. In order to successfully complete the course, you should plan around 8 hours per week for learning.

At the end of the course, the tutor evaluates your learning progress. If you take a part in the course regularly and successfully, Tutor will suggest you to write the exams in GOETHE.

You can start at anytime from anywhere.

All D9W German Courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language of the Council of Europe (GER). Thats why we state previous knowledge and course level meets the levels of GER.

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